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Maintaining Life:
Healthy Living for Acupuncture Students

In the spring semester of 2011 Cindy joined the faculty at the New England School of Acupuncture to teach a 30 hour elective  course called Maintaining Life.  The concept of maintaining life is one of the most ancient ideals in Chinese Medicine.  In this course Cindy presents some of her original translation work from the Lei Jing.  The course presents a basic map for self care and enables beginner acupuncture students to have their first experience of being able to “treat” someone else.


“As the Qi from an azure sky

the lucid and tranquil mind is regulated.”

Zhang Jie Bin, translated by Cindy Banker


Maintaining Life: Healthy Living for Acupuncture Students
30 hours, 2 credits
Instructor: Cindy Banker, MA, Dipl.ABT (NCCAOM)

攝  生  She Sheng, or Maintaining Life, was the seminal first chapter of Chinese Medicine’s ancient text, the Nei Jing.  This course will draw on the timeless principles of “maintaining life” as the basis for teaching how to live a healthy life as a student and future practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Experience and self-cultivation of Qi are fundamental to the mastery of Chinese medicine.  Students will learn stretching, movement, breathing, and meditative exercises that are part of Qi Gong and Dao Yin, practices used by TCM practitioners and martial artists to protect and enhance their own health and vitality.  This course will provide direct and immediate experiences of fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine: Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids.  Students will learn the pathways and directionality of acupuncture meridians, with primary assessment skills and appropriate hands-on treatment strategies.

Students will learn to assess and treat themselves while they treat one another using Shiatsu and Acupressure.  This introductory course will provide, with great simplicity, a map for the work of many years toward the achievement of mastery of the practice of TCM. Each student will have an opportunity to directly experience the benefits from these practices. Students will discover that these powerful tools will be of lasting value as they continue to cultivate them on their own unique journey toward a healthy, vigorous life of caring for others.

This course is strongly recommended for all newcomers to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).